The new Toyota RAV4 (High Power Hybrid) was introduced in 2019. An adventurous and sporty model with a lower ecological footprint. The car promises “Even better exciting mobility for all”. As good as that sounds, “for all” doesn’t immediately attract the individual consumer. “Exciting mobility for each individual” would be a better fit, since everyone has their personal reasons to choose a specific model or type of car. Toyota asked Greenhouse to develop a highly personal, innovative campaign.


In collaboration with Wavemaker, Greenhouse developed an innovative way to let consumers compose their own RAV4 commercial. A video with clickable call-to-action, which let the consumer pick between the options “High Power” or “Safety”. By letting the consumer decide, the course of the video relevance and scalability were combined. Through this, we got the most of our creation and eliminated a known disadvantage of personalized creations: low reach.



The view rates increased (+61%) in comparison with videos that had no interactive element.


Through an additional data layer in the inhouse developed KOSI tool it was also possible for us to:


  • Measure how many users made which choices

  • Monitor the view rates of:

  1. The users that didn’t choose for either option

  2. The users that actively chose for option A

  3. The users that actively chose for option B

  • Increase relevance and effectiveness of future campaigns

  • Retarget consumers with higher relevance


Consumers happy. Toyota happy too.