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The King TOTO campaign in 2018 turned out to be a world-class goal: TOTO immediately got rid of their old-fashioned image.

The mission for 2019? To make even more beautiful goals. This needs to happen fast, because the game rules of sports betting are about to change completely. For now, TOTO is the only legal provider of sports betting in the Netherlands. But the online gambling market will most likely open on 1 January 2021. That is why TOTO needs to build a strong foundation. Engagement is essential to bind the target group, before the foreign competition does.



The focus is on soccer, because 99% of the TOTO players bet on this sport. In 2019, we launched a new King TOTO campaign with an online battle between rapper Donnie and football legend Sjaak Swart in the role of crooner. TOTO activated the target group to choose their King: #TeamDonnie or #TeamSjaak. This interactive approach gives ammunition for a lot of content and allows King TOTO to rule on social.

The battle between Sjaak and Donnie took place on social media. Social is the perfect platform for engagement with the TOTO target audience. The campaign splits into a Sjaak and a Donnie version to reach the supporters of both sides and activate them during soccer matches. Based on interaction, voting behavior and club preference, the target group was shown subsequent material from the candidate they had expressed their preference for.

The starting point for the campaign strategy was the insight in the core and motive of men’s friendships: playful mutual competition, also known as ‘bragging & boasting’. With a typical Dutch undertone of self-mockery and self-perspective.

Koning Toto side image


The target of 1.000.000 interactions within the target group has been surpassed by 25%.

(Source: Facebook)

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  • The campaign reached more 92% of the target audience (men 24-35). (Source: Nielsen DAR).

  • Of the people reached, more than 30.000 voted for their favorite candidate via the special landing page on (Source: TOTO).

There are good results from the interactive aspect of the campaign, but good results can also be seen on both brand and performance KPIs:

  • The campaign resulted in an uplift of 20% on the intention to play along. (Source: Facebook Brandlift Study).

  • Finally, the number of new players grew by 141% during the campaign compared to the same campaign period a year earlier. (Source: TOTO).

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Gouden DIA

Dutch Search Award

IAB programmatic Award

Effie Award (2x)

SAN award