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Tuesday 12th May from 2 to 3 PM (CEST)
Marketplaces – Tips, tricks & best practices
Koen van den Eeden (Greenhouse) & Nikki Eijpen (Wunderman Thompson)
Thiis edition Koen van der Eeden (Head of Marketplaces) will tell you everything about the latest developments in the world of Marketplaces. Together with Nikki Eijpen (Consultant Online Marketplaces @ Wunderman Thompson) Koen will give you his tips, tricks and best practices about how to organize your e-commerce strategy these days.
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Tuesday 19th May from 2 to 3 PM (CEST)
Conversational – Best cases: how to become award winning in voice
Menno Zevenbergen (Greenhouse) & Maikel van der Wouden (voicebranding.nl)
Menno Zevenbergen (Head of Conversational @ Greenhouse) and Maikel van der Wouden (Head of Strategy @ VoiceBranding) will talk about award winning voice cases and will offer you the right suggestions about how to win a voice award yourself in 2021, accompanied with successful national and international cases which you choose by spinning the wheel of fortune!
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Tuesday 26th May from 2 to 3 PM (CEST)
AR – How to connect digital and physical with AR
Alex Scale (3D Graphic Designer @ Blossom)
How do you connect the digital world with the physical world? Alex Scale (3D Graphic Designer @ Blossom) will explain to you how this works in the world of AR on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Tiktok. He will inspire you with the possibilities with e.g. AR-glasses.
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