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Tune in Tuesday is your weekly dose of knowledge and inspiration about online marketing topics. Everything will be discussed; Data, Conversational, Marketplaces, Augmented Reality and more! Tune in for cool cases, conversations and Q&A's. Sign up for an event? Register via Eventbrite. One hour before the event you will receive a link to the stream.

Tuesday 18th August from 2pm till 3pm

Market Insights - Creative branding performance
By Lars van Midden, Hugo Schurink and Niki Schroeder

Lars (Greenhouse), Hugo and Niki (Kantar) will discuss creation in relation to branding performance. What works and what does not? What mistakes do you have to avoid while working on strengthening your brand? Lars, Hugo and Niki will provide tips and advice about how to measure the results of your creation so that, in the future, you can build data driven creation as well!

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Tuesday 25th August from 2pm till 3pm
CXO - How to optimize and innovate at times of uncertainty
By Stefania de Filippis (Greenhouse) - deze Tune in Tuesday is in het Engels.

Understanding your customers needs and experiment to learn what really works is more important than ever before. because of the changes of all the rules, we are in a different emotional context then a couple of months ago. So during this webinar we are going to share 3 key pieces of advice that our clients can apply now to evolve their optimisation strategy and grow their business.

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More Tune in Tuesday editions will follow soon - stay tuned.


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