Performance Marketing

We’re strongest in markets with fierce competition, where performance is the norm.

We always guide our campaigns based on the ‘bottom line’ idea, which is rooted into the fibers of our method. ‘Bottom line’ means that we optimize and strive for the results of all costs and revenues.

We always consider the interplay of all channels (owned-earned-paid). When it comes to choosing an appropriate attribution model, we let the objectives and data for each campaign speak for themselves. We test all available tools thoroughly and know their pros and cons, so that we know exactly which system is the best fit for the objectives of our customers. In our cooperation with clients there’ll always be lots of space for innovation and improvement.

We continuously influence the price level and the effectiveness of media campaigns:

1  Platform. We are platform agnostic and have access to the most important platforms in the market for each specialty. The choice of a certain platform depends on the purpose of the campaign.

2  KPIs. We combine automated purchasing with the best tooling, AI and common sense. Our specialists always strive to achieve both qualitative and quantitative KPIs.

3  Transparency and insight. We make our advertising space prices transparent. And we influence these to the benefit of the client, through sharp negotiations on auctions and advertising networks (media), and analyses of the related auction systems (technology). As a result, our customers know exactly what we have purchased for them and at what prices.

4  Programmatic advertising. We apply data and smart algorithms in order to be able to make targeted purchases of the desired KPIs and a cost-efficient and effective campaign.


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