Marketing Transformation

In a world with continuously increasing customer expectations, growing complexity and new competition, the marketing engine of companies must continue to develop strongly. Otherwise, returns will come under pressure and competitors will outrun you. Everything must be faster, more integrated, more transparent, more distinctive, more personalized, more cost-effective ...

Although many companies work hard on this, they still feel that they are losing control of their marketing success. “Are we still doing the right things?” “Are we not missing out on new chances and opportunities?” And: “Have we not become too dependent on external partners?” With Marketing Transformation, we help you make smarter choices based on our broad omnichannel experience, when it comes to how the marketing function can best be developed further. In addition, we also help you speed up these implementation and anchor them well into the organization, so you can quickly continue to work with Marketing Transformation yourself.

This is how Marketing Transformation helps your company make a longer lasting impact with fewer resources:

Where to play 

1 Smarter targeting of customer groups. We help organizations refine insights of appeal and distinctiveness within target groups. This allows them to make more precise and more effective choices on who to target and with what kind of marketing approach.

2 Smarter targeting within the customer journey. We help organizations bring together fragmented KPIs per organizational silo in common and easy to understand ROI insights. This allows them to make more precise and more effective choices on how to distribute their marketing resources across all interaction moments in the integrated customer journey.

How to win

3 Smarter omni-channel recipes. By sharpening their marketing mix and applications, we help organizations to upgrade their personalized customer interactions and maximize synergy. This provides a higher return in both customer satisfaction and revenue.

4 Smarter operational implementation. We help to improve the ways of working of organizations, for example by simplifying and automating the marketing process and allowing it to operate fully integrated. This ensures higher efficiency, quality and speed.

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