A new positioning for Boels Rental

How Boels Rental is pioneering in the B2B world with a positioning campaign that focuses on people, machines and challenges instead of functional benefits.

Differentiation in a functionally driven market 

International rental company Boels Rental is pioneering the B2B world with an emotionally driven positioning campaign that focuses on people, machines and challenges. The international campaign, with photography by Jaap Vliegenthart and the introduction of the new slogan “Boels keeps you going”, is the first visible result of the collaboration between Boels and Greenhouse. 

Whether you work in construction, infrastructure or industry, things often don't go as planned. Because meeting deadlines is of great importance in all these sectors, work must always continue. And without hassle, because business customers today expect the same fast level of service and convenience as they are used to from the consumer market. 

Boels operates in a competitive market driven by functional benefits. However, at Boels we pay more attention to long-term partnerships and the human aspect. That is why, based on research into the motivations of our customers, we have found the sweet spot that is most relevant to the customer, fits our identity and is distinctive in the market. Our can-do mentality is reflected in the heart of our communication and brand.

Innovative B2B strategy

Although emotional communication and the use of data have been common practices for B2C brands for years, few B2B companies dare to take this innovative step. Boels and Greenhouse do this and have joined forces to realize Boels' (inter)national ambitions.

In B2B the focus is often on short-term lead generation, while in B2B nothing is as important as an emotional connection with your (future) customers. It is the combination of the two that ensures scalable short- and long-term business growth. Yet we still see too few B2B companies making this transformation. We are extremely proud that Boels is taking on this pioneering role and is embarking on a new innovative path with us.

European campaign 'Boels keeps you going'

The first phase of the new positioning campaign started on September 19. The combined online and data-driven out-of-home campaign was visible in many European countries with more than 1000+ billboards. For example, we added geo-targeting around depots in the Netherlands and Germany. The cinematic images, shot by photographer Jaap Vliegenthart, continuously show the combination of people, machines and challenges. Naturally, the new slogan “Boels Keeps You Going” is prominently present in all communications. Data-driven account-based marketing will also be launched at a later stage.

The new slogan is not only visible in a paid campaign, but will also be implemented to all layers and (own) communication tools of the Boels organization. In addition to an external campaign, a lot of attention was also paid to POS materials and an internal campaign, including a special introductory box for 5,000 employees in Europe.

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