Accelerate your company's revenue growth with an average of 12.6% ROI in the first year.

Do you also struggle with:

  • A new business approach that is mainly based on gut feeling?
  • The need to use data more effectively to achieve more sales?
  • 80% of the total order intake is done by 15-20% of the account managers?
  • Every quarter there are high turnover & growth ambitions, but lagging forecasts & results?
  • A suboptimal collaboration between sales and marketing?

The Greenhouse Digital Academy is for B2B professionals who want to excel in the digital world and grow their business

Lay the foundation for predictable growth

Greenhouse's proven data-driven sales & marketing approach realizes a ROI improvement of 12.6% on average in the first year and lays a scalable foundation for long-term revenue growth. With the Greenhouse Academy you can lay the strategic, tactical and operational foundation for your company today by:

What will you learn in the academy?

  • Transformation into a data-driven organization  
  • Strategic framework resulting in revenue growth 
  • Responding to crucial moments in the hybrid sales cycle 
  • Coordination between Sales and Marketing 
  • Quality lead generation techniques 
  • Best practices from the B2C world, applied to B2B 
  • Insight into automated personalized (sales) content  

For whom?

Ambitious B2B companies. Each participating company participates in the Digital Academy with at least two people: both a C-level stakeholder and a tactical/operational expert. The program is of course tailored to the available time.

This high-quality training program supervised by experienced professionals lasts 3 Mondays and starts November 6 jl on the inspiring campus of Greenhouse in Eindhoven. We have good news: there are still a few spots available!

So whether you are a marketer, salesperson, manager or board member, this small-scale high-end Academy offers the knowledge and tools you need to gain a competitive advantage and accelerate your sales growth. Finally, there is the opportunity to network with like-minded growth companies.

Request the brochure now with more details!

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